NUDE SCULPTURES by Caroli Dienst

The purpose of my nude sculptures is to find NATURE. In the reposing body but, even more im­por­tantly, in the moving body, e.g. a dancer, an erotic writhing girl, a bather. I depict the human body as a holistic form consisting of a single motion. Its material form is viewed and ex­pressed both from within as well as from the outside. The exterior form that I create through the tangible modelling of the clay awakens the interior, in which the true significance lies, and depicts the emotions, the relationship between couples, the disciplined but un­con­scious courage of a dancer, the exuberant liveliness of a person.

Every sculpture is therefore a momentary conception designed to incorporate both the before and after and follows the movement of the mind and the body.

Present also is the conflict between a restricted and moralistic view of nudity and that of a more liberal, relaxed and embracing acceptance of the human body. My work challenges the taboos and guilty feelings, the timidity of not having a perfect body while simultaneously questioning the warped and often unscrupulous depiction of sex and nudity in the media.Very few people or couples can be described as “happy” and unrestrained eros or sen­suality in all its beauty is hard to achieve.

My wish is to portray the physical and emotional presence of the human body.

The Suspending Pair

Dance is a challenge to discipline, perseverance and an action of different physical movements which have to be absorbed into the subconscious to promote final flow and perfectionism.

The Estranged Lovers

Still hesitant, still fearful of facing each other. They are procrastinating the moment of facing each other. What path lies ahead after turning around, after taking the step towards exposure? Which decision? How does one keep one’s own dignity? Each is fragile and exposed in himsel


Femme fatale – the first liberal thinking woman. Lilith was an angry and amoral woman. She was Adam’s first wife and deserted him after he refused to accept her as an equal. She took the snake as her lover in the purpose of changing into his physical being, where upon she would be able to enter the garden of Eden, causing destruction there.